Galicia Natural apple and pear juice - 200ml

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Galicia Natural apple and pear juice - 200ml

The classic combination of apple and pear flavors, which has a juice with the flesh of "Smoothie" from the domestic brand "Galicia" (Galicia), makes this drink a universal addition to breakfast, lunch or dinner.

If you feel thirsty or slightly hungry, this natural sterilized direct-squeezed juice, which consists of 100% high-quality and ripe fruit raw materials and is made without the use of artificial sweeteners, flavor enhancers, and preservatives, dyes or stabilizers, will help to overcome it.

The juice does not pass the stage of filtration and clarification, so it retains its appetizing natural color and fantastic fruity aroma.

Convenient and compact packaging with a straw will help to refresh yourself with your favorite fruit juice "Galychyna" in any conditions and in any place.


Organic** apple and pear juice