Artemis Bio Organic Garam Masala-25g

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Artemis Bio Organic Garam Masala-25g

Garam masala, one of the most appealing, aromatic, all-purpose spice blends, is truly a gift from the Indian subcontinent to the world. Its richly spicy scent and flavour are warming without being hot, and it has a slightly sweet note that lends a little magic to any dish to which it is added.

Ingredients: Cumin*, Cinnamon*, Coriander* , Cloves*, Ginger* , and black pepper*

*from organic source

USES: Needless to say, garam masala is an enormously popular ingredient in the cuisine of the Indian subcontinent, used in everything from tikkas to dals to biryanis to raitas and much more. It’s such a delightful and versatile spice blend that it’s also completely at home in Western and other cuisines. Try adding a dash to soups and stews. Use it as a rub for meat, poultry or fish before grilling or barbequing. Mix it into butter to melt over cooked vegetables such as cauliflower, green beans, potatoes or carrots. Use it to season sauces. Add it to sour cream or yoghurt as a topping-with-a-twist for baked potatoes or nachos. Garam masala is a super-scrumptious spice blend that no kitchen should be without!

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