Natureland Organic Jasmine Green Tea 30g

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Natureland Organic Jasmine Green Tea 30g

Ingredients: Jasmine green tea 99%, jasmine flowers 1%, Certified organic

Natureland Teas
Have a Better Cup of Tea

Meticulously Sourced and Blended by Our Master Tea Blender and Medical Herbalist

Natureland brings you 100% organic, fresh teas from select premium plantations. Smell the aroma, relish the flavor, and refresh yourself like never before.

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Is Your Tea Truly Organic?

Conventional teas and even some sold as ‘organic’ contains multiple pesticides, heavy metal residues, and fluoride. A study published in 2013 in the Journal of Toxicology claimed that 70% of the teas they tested contained very high levels of toxic metals. Many teas also contain synthetic flavorings dubbed as “natural flavors”. Natureland Teas are 100% organic and contain no added flavors.

Natureland teas contain no artificial or added ‘natural’ flavorings
Expertly sourced from certified organic plantations
No chemical pesticides or fertilizers used at any stage of cultivation
Hand-picked teas cultivated and harvested using traditional methods