La Finestra Organic Corn Flakes - 375g

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La Finestra Organic Corn Flakes-375g

Corn Flakes Cereals for breakfast. Food with high energy value and a componentelipidica reduced. Easy to digest. High fiber content.


Ingredients Corn flour * (95%); corn syrup * (4%); salt. * From organic farming. Warnings It may contain traces of cereals containing gluten, milk, soy, fruit aguscio.


Nutritional characteristics for 100 g

Energy value 369 kcal - 1565 kJ

Carbohydrates 80g

Total Protein 8 g

Glucidisolubili 5 g

Total lipids 1 g

Total saturated 0.2 g

Food fibers 4 g

Sodium 0.6 g