Clearspring Bio Kitchen Organic Demeter Sauerkraut (Pasteurised) - 360g

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Clearspring Bio Kitchen Organic / Demeter Sauerkraut (Pasteurised) Authen Recipe with Juniper Berries 360g

Ingredients: White cabbage** (97%), sea salt, juniper berries* (1%).

*organically grown

Bio Kitchen is the name of our premium range of organic and biodynamic staple foods in clear glass jars which are naturally sweet and full of flavour.

Sauerkraut literally means sour cabbage in German. Naturally fermented, without added vinegar- just salt and time as well as juniper berries for a delicious and authentic taste. Sauerkraut is made by a pickling process called lacto-fermentation that is similar to how traditional gherkins and kimchi are made.

Please note that this product is pasteurised to make it suitable for safe ambient storage and consumption.

What is Demeter?

Demeter Logo

Since 1927, Demeter has been the trademark for products from certified biodynamic production, a method of organic farming originally developed by Austrian philosopher Rudolf Steiner. He introduced the idea of a holistic farming system based around the phases of the moon, composting and mixing crops with livestock.

Key features of Demeter farming: The avoidance of synthetic fertilisers - The use of manures and composts - Frequent crop rotations - Avoidance of chemical soil treatments - Measures to strengthen the life processes in the soil - Consideration of celestial and terrestrial influence.