FunkyFat Hazelnut (Dark Chocolate 71% + Hazelnuts) - 50g

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Creamy, tasty, and organic keto chocolate bars with MCTs. A low-carb snack to fully indulge without compromising your health or taste buds. 


★ Does not raise blood sugar or kick you out of ketosis.
★ No sneaky carbs, sugars, or other surprises.
★ Helps curb cravings and gives long-lasting energy.
★ Made with organic, clean ingredients. 
★ Truly keto: High-fat and super low in carbs (The white Choc has 0g net carbs and all Dark flavors have less than 2.5g net carbs per bar). 


May contain traces of tree nuts, milk, and sesame.  



71% Cacao Mass + Cocoa butter, Erythritol, Shredded Hazelnuts, MCT Powder with Acacia Fiber (100% derived from coconuts).


Nutritional information

Net carbs: 2.5g  / Calories: 318 Kcal / Fat: 25.5g  / Fibre: 5.5g / Protein: 4.5g / Sugar: 0g