Georgia's Natural Organic Pure Mulberry Juice - 750ml

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Georgia's Natural Organic Pure Mulberry Juice - 750ml

“Georgia's Natural” controls all stages of the product development life cycle at own organic farms, processing and production facilities in accordance with the "organic regulations" listed below:

  • “Organic farming”
  • “Harvesting of "organic Wild crops"
  • “Processing of organic Raw Material "
  • “Organic storage”
  • "Production of organic ready-to-serve products”
  • “Monitoring the “traceability of organic semi-processed and ready-to-serve Products"

Ingredients: 100% Content of Organic Mulberry NFC Juice


Weight & Liver Cleanse!

The Mulberry juice is a source of vitamin C and fiber. The mulberry nutrients can assist weight loss with blood and lipid controls. The juice can also reduce the levels of serum alanine transaminase (ALT) with the hepato protective effects. The juice can lower blood lipid with anthocyanin and fiber. Juice can reduce risks of diabetes, cancer and hyperlipidaemia.