Georgia's Natural Organic Pure Plum Juice - 750ml

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Georgia's Natural Organic Pure Plum Juice - 750ml

“Georgia's Natural” controls all stages of the product development life cycle at own organic farms, processing and production facilities in accordance with the "organic regulations" listed below:

  • “Organic farming”
  • “Harvesting of "organic Wild crops"
  • “Processing of organic Raw Material "
  • “Organic storage”
  • "Production of organic ready-to-serve products”
  • “Monitoring the “traceability of organic semi-processed and ready-to-serve Products"

Ingredients: 100% Content of Organic NFC Plum Juice


Bone Support!

Plum juice is a source of vitamin C, vitamin K and fiber. The polyphenols can support bone health by reducing osteoclast activity and increasing bone calcium retention. Flavonols, procyanidins and phenolic content bring out the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties for decreasing risk of cancer. The chlorogenic acid can also promote cognitive improvement.