Kallo Organic Vegetable Bouillon - 100g

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Kallo Organic Vegetable Bouillon - 100g: 

For rice, stew and soup that's fit for a whoop! Or to tickle you pink in a lovely hot drink.

The stock vegetables that lived on the farm, Were cool and laid back, placid and calm.
They liked to stay home and play on their drums.
They rarely went out with their fruit and veg chums.
But they always went wild when they played in their band, And they rocked out in veg plots all over the land.
Organic, 8 calories per cup, The perfect reason to gently season, Gluten + lactose free, No added MSG, No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, Suitable for vegetarians and vegan friendly.

Sea Salt, Sugar*, Glucose Syrup*, Corn Starch*, Vegetables* 4.2% (Carrot*, Leek*, Celery*), Sustainable Palm Oil*, Yeast Extract, Herbs* and Spices* (Turmeric*, Parsley*Lovage*, Nutmeg*), *Organic ingredients.



How to Use:
As stock: Dissolve two teaspoons (10g) in a 500ml of boiling water and add to recipe.
As a seasoning: Rub into your meat or gently sprinkle onto savoury dishes.
As a hot drink: Dissolve one teaspoon in a cup of boiling water, wait to cool and enjoy.