Monki Organic White Sesame Tahini Spread - 330g

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Monki Organic White Sesame Tahini Spread - 330g

Sesame seed paste of controlled organic farming. The tahini is a basic ingredient for hummus, but also can be eaten spread on bread, biscuits and crackers, cookies or as part of salad dressing and vegetables Sesame known for being rich in unsaturated fatty acids (Omega 6 and 9 mainly ), calcium and fiber.

How to use:
So you can take it or add salt and lemon juice. As tasty variant, you can add garlic powder or finely chopped, spicy or sweet paprika. Using this preparation in sauces for grilled or steamed vegetables, fish and salads. Two tablespoons tahini can pay for four servings. The first is to add water and mix well with the paste until desired consistency: liquid, such as a yogurt, or stronger, closer to mashed potatoes.
Peeled and roasted sesame organic farming