Naturya Organic Barleygrass Powder - 200g

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Naturya Organic Barleygrass Powder 200g
About this item : 
  • Barleygrass is a vital, versatile, gluten-free superfood
  • A single serving of barleygrass has it all, with over 200% of your daily iron intake
  • Barleygrass has been a superfood for 5000 years

Our Organic barleygrass is nurtured in the fresh air of pristine pastures, in an unpolluted area of Northern China – entirely pesticide and fertiliser free. It draws the purest water from aquifers deep beneath the ground, free from agricultural runoff. Young barleygrass is harvested by hand, expertly cut at the base, before a quick trip to a facility to be carefully cleaned and hand-sorted, removing any poor quality leaves. It’s then fast-dried and crushed into a fine powder through air-freezing. Less than an hour passes between harvest to producing the finished powder.

Growth and maintenance of, muscle mass. Maintenance of normal bones. Normal transport of oxygen around the body. Normal cognitive function. Normal function of the immune system. Reduction of tiredness and fatigue. Maintenance of normal bones and teeth. Normal energy-yielding metabolism and muscle function.

Barleygrass is easy to add to loads of different recipes, from soups to smoothies & even baking. Enjoy as part of a healthy balanced diet!
How to use : 
Barleygrass & Butterbean Hummus

  • Barleygrass & Butterbean Hummus 
Looking for a new way to reinvent your go-to hummus recipe? Adding Barleygrass powder loads this hummus with green goodness to help you feel energised . 


  • Simply place all the ingredients into a food processor
  • Blend until smooth and creamy
  • Add more olive oil or water if the consistency is still too thick

Ingredients :