Cultivators Organic Herbal Hair Color (Light Blonde) - 100g

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Cultivators Organic herbal hair color (light blonde) - 100g

Cultivators' Light Blonde color provides bright color and volume while strengthening hair. They contain 100% natural dyes and conditioning, providing long-lasting color. If the chemical dye has been used on the hair, leave the hair on for at least 5-6 weeks before using grower herbal hair colors on your hair. Please note that gray hair is notoriously difficult to cover and you may have to apply 2 to 3 applications to cover gray hair completely. As the product is completely natural, this can be done on consecutive days without the risk of damaging the hairs. A strand test is recommended before coloring all hair. For a darker or more intensive color result, it is sometimes necessary to color your hair twice. However, you must wait at least 12 hours before coloring a second time. It is recommended to use: For short hair 1 pack of 25g, for medium hair 2 pack, for long hair 3 pack, for extra long hair 4 pack. Open the package according to the size of your hair and add warm water to the powder and mix to obtain a creamy texture, immediately apply this paste evenly on the hairs, cover the hairs with a shower cap. Keep it 30-90 min, rinse hair under running water. Seal the bag tightly after each use, squeeze all the air out of the bag before sealing. Avoid exposure to heat. Powder will remain fresh if stored at or below room temperature. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight. Store the powder in a dry place and avoid all contact with moisture.